Why Partner with CRI Group? We're Glad You Asked...

We'd like to share with you 10 great reasons to partner with CRI Group today:

  1. CRI Group's personal touch. Our high level of service sets us apart from our competitors: As your partner, our team become members of your team — working for you with our “boots on the ground” approach to gathering information. Our experts excel at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud and other crimes against businesses.

  2. Our vast business intelligence network. We access information from 180 countries, gathering local knowledge in places our competitors cannot. Our presence in Pakistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, as well as other countries in Africa and the whole of Southeast Asia means that many of our competitors contact us for information from those countries.

  3. Competitive pricing. CRI Group does not maintain the high overhead of larger firms, many of which lack our specialization and level of individual client attention. We work within your budget, as CRI Group's prices are consistently lower than our competitors' rates.

  4. 3PRM” -— Our Third-Party Risk Management Strategy™. At CRI Group, we have developed our own comprehensive service for helping clients manage third-party risks. Our team of experts provide the highest level of protection for companies worldwide.

  5. CRI Group's wide knowledge base. Our experts come from a variety of professions and possess industry knowledge and experience serving clients spanning the oil and energy, banking, investments, international finance, and public and privately held multinational business sectors. CRI Group professionals work closely with your business to analyze systems and develop effective solutions that reduce the risk of your company falling prey to employee, supplier or outside crime.

  6. Our background checks catch everything. CRI Group’s background screening and pre-employment screening services expose vulnerabilities and threats within your organization and can significantly reduce the potential of business and financial crime, fraud and malpractice from occurring within your workplace.

  7. We're recognized and acclaimed. As well as winning awards for “Anti-Fraud Advisor of the Year,” “Leading Adviser in UAE” and “Business Due-Diligence Firm of the Year,” CRI Group is also working towards the “Investors in People” accreditation.

  8. We are discreet. Let's face it, there are some problems you just don't want announced to the world. Fraud, internal investigations, due diligence or liability issues — CRI Group's experts are trained to maintain the highest levels of client confidentiality. We keep you private business private.

  9. Our updates keep you in the know. As industry experts, we offer a publication called Fraud360, which is produced on a quarterly basis, with monthly email updates offering awareness, knowledge, latest trends and helpful advice for companies on fraud. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please email us at info@fraud360.com or sign up here.

  10. CRI Group is truly international. We maintain offices in UAE, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information please visit www.crigroup.com.


Contact a CRI Representative

We have requested CRI’s services for a broad range of international investigations, including criminal history searches at district and national police headquarters levels. We found the services to be delivered at the highest level of professionalism, integrity and thoroughness and we look forward to working with CRI for the foreseeable future.
— VP, Accurate Information Systems, Inc., NYC, USA