Background Screening: Essential for Protecting Your Business

The job market is competitive. From crafting a resume, providing references and perfecting a personal image, prospective candidates will seek to put themselves in the very best light. Some of them, unfortunately, will take things too far.

Fraud can happen in the job market in the same way it affects business and government. At its essence, fraud is a deception committed for personal gain. So when a less qualified job candidate wants a position – and the money or prestige that comes with it – badly enough, they may be tempted to bend the rules.

That's what happened when an applicant tried to earn a position with one of our clients. This individual claimed to be a holder of a university degree. However, the client authorized CRI Group to conduct our local education verification process. Unfortunately for the job seeker, we contacted the university – and they reported that his degree was ‘fake and forged.’

His deception didn't stop there. The applicant also provided a reference letter, apparently signed by the university’s Deputy Controller of Examination (Dy COE) — confirming his education record and asking to re-check his record with the university. The letter was also fake, and the signatory was not, nor had ever been, the Dy COE of the university.

Even though he had been exposed as a fake, there was still more to discover about the applicant. CRI Group investigated his claimed BBA, which was a total fraud, as well. There was no conferment of said degree.

Just imagine if the company, our client, had not been diligent enough to authorize this background check. If someone would lie, create fake documents and fictitious references just to get the job, what would he be capable of once among staff? Such a question looms especially large when considering employees who would handle money or financial details, or be involved in the accounting department in any way.

There are some basic things that any company should keep in mind when looking to hire new employees:

  • Some job candidates will seek an advantage through fraudulent means
  • In certain cases, the hidden truth might even include criminal behavior
  • Always verify information provided by individuals you seek to hire

CRI Group's verification services probe deep into an individual’s background, checking employment, education, criminal history and other critical details. I invite you to read more about this valuable range of services at Next time you hire new employees, don't risk letting them trick their way into your company.