CRI Group Named Finalists in 'Best Ad Awards' - Cast Your Vote Today

We are proud to announce that CRI Group's "You secure their future... We'll secure their past" advertisement has been named one of the finalists for "Most Effective Message" and "Best Headline" in a prestigious award competition hosted by Voting commenced June 11th 2014 for the selection of the winners in the Best Ads Awards competition in the Background Screening Industry.

The "Most Effective Message" award is for the advert that "will most likely produce the intended or expected result it was designed to produce and/or will stimulate readers to take a desired action." The "Best Headline" category recognizes "the headline that grabs your attention the most and which you found to be most compelling."  CRI Group's advert notes that:

"Global hiring is on the rise. Are you confident your candidates truly have the skills, credentials, knowledge and experience they claim on their résumé, or during an interview? How can you be certain of the integrity, background and personal history of potential hires? CRI Group can help."

The ad helps communicate what CRI Group offers clients and partners: user-friendly, web-based background screening services with flexible, bespoke employment solutions for a range of various industry sectors with clients utilising this service across the globe. Our latest online portal is the industry’s most highly developed and internationally customized software platform – providing the CRI Group Background Screening Division an enterprise-level solution.

Winners will be announced in July and voters can be entered for the chance to win a gift. To vote, follow the link -