Celebrate! CRI Group Looks Back at 24 Years

In 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev was premier of the Soviet Union. Great Britain was seized by a record heat wave. The Space Shuttle Discovery placed the Hubble Telescope in orbit. And CRI Group was born, destined to become a leading due diligence firm serving clients around the world.

We are celebrating a special milestone at CRI Group as it's our 24th anniversary, and we want to thank our clients and all of our staff for making this occasion a reality. As we enter our 25th year, we hold steadfast to our commitment to integrity and remaining faithful to our customers' trust.

A lot has changed in the past 24 years in the realm of due diligence and risk management. Fraud and corruption, once kept behind closed doors or “swept under the rug” as a part of business, are now in the public eye and under scrutiny. New laws and regulations like the UK Bribery Act are in effect, promising steep penalties for companies that don't conduct proper due diligence and run afoul of the law.

In any business, longevity is a sign of success... and this is a proud milestone for us. Our services have been based upon being innovative in the world of due diligence, risk management and investigation – while always staying focused on the needs of our clients.

Thank you for taking this voyage with us. We look forward to the years ahead, always looking for new technology, best practices and different and effective ways to examine data and events.