Case Study: Fakes and Forgeries From Applicants

An applicant claimed to be a holder of a university degree. When CRI Group conducted its local education verification process, the university named by the candidate reported that the applicant’s degree was ‘fake and forged.’ The applicant also provided a reference letter, apparently signed by the university’s Deputy Controller of Examination (Dy COE) — confirming his education record and asking to re-check his record with the university.

However, further investigations showed that the reference letter was also fake, and the signatory was not, nor had ever been, the Dy COE of the university. Another fake and forged degree was revealed when CRI Group investigated the applicant’s BBA — as there was no conferment of said degree.

In another pre-employment verification of an applicant, CRI Group uncovered disturbing details. When the applicant’s previous employers were contacted, one of them reported that the applicant was hired without any prior experience, was trained for a couple of months, and then terminated due to committing cash embezzlement as well as participating in harassment and workplace violence. A second employment verification revealed his termination, as he caused a financial loss to the company.

Lessons Learned

·         Some job candidates will seek an advantage through fraudulent means

·         In certain cases, the hidden truth might even include criminal behavior

·         Always verify information provided by individuals you seek to hire

How CRI Group Can Help

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