NAPBS 2015: CRI Group Helps Set the Stage for Background Screening

CRI Group was proud to be a bronze sponsor at the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) 2015 Annual Conference in Austin, Texas this week. John Dejesu, Director of Business Development, was on hand with more than 700 background screening professionals for the event billed as “Setting the Stage for Success.”

The conference offered a diverse range of educational sessions, and there was relevant training for the industry novice, the seasoned expert and everyone in between.

Attendees took advantage of general sessions and breakouts covering topics ranging from strategic business sessions, futuristic technology, legal issues, nuts and bolts "how-to" programs, international screening techniques, compliance guidelines, employment discrimination and what's on the horizon for consumer reporting agencies.

Dejesu met with officials from NAPBS including Whitney Bertram and Jessica Garrett, while also discussing with background screening professionals how CRI Group can help support their work.

Dejesu said that any company, large or small, can benefit from professional background screening. When consulting with company leaders, questions that background screening specialists will ask might include the following:

  • What is the level of screening that is best needed for the organization?
  • Is the company international, and will it be filling positions in various countries or regions?
  • Will screening apply only to prospective new hires, or will it also be conducted on existing employees?

In this way, an expert screening service can begin to tailor a program to the needs of the company. Often, employers will be surprised by the level of detail they can secure on an applicant. CRI Group’s range of screening includes the following:

  • Identity: Verify addresses, phone numbers and other identifying information to confirm that applicants are who they claim to be.
  • Employment: Check past employers, locations of past employment, dates employed, salary levels, reasons for leaving, position titles, gaps in employment history and pertinent contact information.
  • Education: Confirm school grades, degrees and professional qualifications.
  • Criminal history: International criminal records searches are critically important, and should include any convictions for the applicant in the requested jurisdictions.
  • Character references: Sometimes overlooked is the need to follow-up on references provided by the applicant.
  • Credit history: As permitted by local laws, financial and credit history should be reviewed, as fraud statistics have shown financial distress to be a key red flag for fraudulent behavior.

The best background screening services employ a team of experts who specialize in all of the above, and more. This is where CRI Group comes in – with their own network of third-party specialists and resources, widening their net and enabling them to verify information in a quick, reliable way. A combination of investigative skills, contacts with government and other institutions, knowledge of online records and search engines all create an information base that is invaluable to a company looking to safeguard its investments and hire the very best.

It's no secret in business that what you don't know can hurt you. With employee background screening, however, companies can peel back another layer of unknowns and help make sure that the people they are hiring – and trusting – are who they say they are.