Don't Get Burned by False Claims

Case Study: "The House Fire"

CRI Group was contacted to investigate an insurance claim for a house that had reportedly burned to the ground. When our investigator attempted to visit the reported address, he discovered an immediate problem: there was no such house number, and no such house.

With suspicions raised, further investigation led to the "victim" claiming a different location – indeed, a there had been a fire incident at a house in the new location, but there was one problem – the claimant actually lived in the house next door. For final confirmation that the incident was an attempted fraud, our investigators established that no police report supported the claimant's story.

Lessons Learned

  • Claims should be verified with in-person visits and investigations.
  • If something seems amiss, it probably is – heed the red flags of fraud.

How CRI Group Can Help

  • Our experts can use all resources available, including police reports, court filings, database records and other means to establish the truth in insurance fraud cases.
  • Our investigations can uncover for your case useful evidence that is admissible in court.