It's Fraud Week 2016: Are You Prepared to Protect Your Business?

Did you know this is International Fraud Awareness Week? It's called “Fraud Week” for short, and CRI Group is a proud Official Supporter and also part of a small, select group of Fraud Week Ambassadors. CRI Group encourages people from around the world to come together this week to spread fraud awareness and anti-fraud education. 

This is the sixth year in a row that CRI Group has been at the front of this yearly campaign, joined by hundreds of organizations that have partnered with the ACFE for the Fraud Week movement. Supporters are hosting fraud awareness training, conducting employee surveys to assess levels of fraud awareness within their organization, posting articles on company websites and in newsletters, and teaming with local media to highlight the problem of fraud.

At CRI Group, we urge organizations of all shapes and sizes to conduct proper due diligence and minimize risk. Only by addressing fraud and corruption proactively can we make progress in preventing and detecting it.

Do you have proper anti-fraud controls in place? Does your company have a reporting mechanism for receiving fraud tips? Are thorough background checks and due diligence a part of your everyday business? Contact CRI Group today to discuss ways in which we can help you reduce risk, safeguarding your business and investments from fraud and other unethical behavior.