Background Screening Case Finds 5 Out of 18 Degrees to be Fake

Employee background screening is a critical tool for companies to ensure they are choosing the best personnel for their organization. As a global leader in background screening and due diligence, CRI Group provides a wide range of screening services to businesses through its EmploySmart program. Among these critical checks are education verification.

And if you think verifying an employee’s or candidate’s education credentials is just a formality, wait until you hear about this case.

CRI Group’s investigators recently conducted background screenings of employees who were working for a multinational organization operating in Pakistan. While verifying education credentials as part just one of the aspects of a thorough screening process, the investigators immediately noticed red flags and initiated detailed checks of the education degrees claimed by the subjects.

In this case, CRI Group screened 18 degrees claimed from a single university. By contacting the university and conducting an examination of documents and records, CRI Group found an astounding 5 of them (27.7 percent) to be fake and/or forged.

Lessons to be Learned

  • There is likely a similarly large percentage of employees that are performing duties in various organizations without carrying relevant degree or certifications.
  • There is a possibility that many of the employees are performing their tasks in companies without holding relevant past professional experience.
  • Many employees could have been involved in suspicious activities in their past which could result in huge monetary loss for the companies where they are currently employed.
  • Before hiring employees, companies must conduct proper background screenings to avoid adding underqualified and possibly dishonest employees to their ranks. Periodic screening should also be conducted on existing employees.