Former Portugal prime minister charged with corruption, bribery

Another big corruption case is rocking Europe. In Portugal, former prime minister Jose Sócrates has been charged in a wide-ranging scandal that involves alleged bribes, money laundering, falsifying documents and tax frauds.

As reported in the Financial Times, Sócrates faces 31 criminal counts and is just one among a group of 19 individuals suspected of corruption in a case that has been ongoing for more than three years. In fact, on the whole it is the largest corruption case in Portugal’s history.

As reported in the Financial Times:

State prosecutors allege that €24m was channelled into Swiss bank accounts between 2006 and 2009 with a view to making illicit payments to Mr Sócrates or his associates on behalf of companies or individuals who obtained “commercial benefits” from decisions made by the former prime minister.

Investigators said they had questioned more than 200 witnesses, searched about 200 premises and examined 500 bank accounts before bringing charges. Information from Swiss banking authorities and the leaked Panama Papers are also understood to have played a significant role in the investigations, according to analysts.

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