CRI Certification: What are the guidelines and qualifications for ISO 37001:2016?

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Another bribery case in the headlines provides lessons for business leaders around the world. As reported in Industry resourceAlere Inc., a global manufacturer of rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests, will pay more than $13 million to settle charges that it bribed foreign officials and committed accounting fraud to meet revenue targets.

The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission imposed the order, based on the fact that “Alere subsidiaries in India and Colombia ‘obtained or retained business’ by using distributors or consultants to make improper payments to officials of government agencies or entities under government control,” Industry resource reported.

The article states:

“In Colombia, improper payments of about $275,000 helped Alere win business from a government-linked customer. 

In India, the Alere unit through a distributor paid local governmental officials a four percent commission to increase orders for medical testing kits from 200,000 to 1 million units.”

The company allegedly netted millions for its efforts.

It’s against this backdrop that it becomes clear that training and certification to prevent bribery and corruption is crucial for organisations today. For anyone doing business across international borders, it is critically important to be in full compliance and proactive in prevention and detection.

But what are some of the requirements and guidelines for pursuing ISO 37001:2016 certification? Here, we address the most pertinent questions:

What are the training and certification guidelines set up by ICA? ICA provides knowledge about anti-corruption as whole and bribery as a subset. It defines how bribery/corruption takes place and affect an organization.

Which regulations does the ISO training specifically address? ISO 37001:2016 training addresses the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) UK Bribery Act, among others.

How long is the certification valid? How often you should update if needed? The certificate is valid for three years. It should be updated, however, if there is a change in the standard that would require additional training.

What is it necessary to be certified by an accredited body like CRI Group? Certification through a qualified and endorsed firm of experts like CRI Group adds a distinct level of credibility to the organisation's management systems, and ensures that the organization is implementing a viable anti-bribery management program utilising widely accepted controls and systems.

It also provides assurance to management, investors, business associates, personnel and other stakeholders that the organisation is actively pursuing internationally recognized and accepted processes to prevent bribery and corruption.

Most importantly, training and certification through a third-party like CRI Group protects your organisation, its assets, shareholders and directors from the effects of bribery. And, if needed, it provides acceptable evidence to prosecutors or courts that the organization has taken reasonable steps to prevent bribery and corruption.

Learn more about CRI Certification and get your organisation started on the path to ISO 37001:2016 training and certification today!