Reasons To Run Employee Background Screening


Being HR professional, we have to deal with rigorous recruitment cycles and for this we must meet number of candidates before closing the vacancy. And every HR person has its’ own style of evaluating but one thing need to be kept in mind before making a final hiring decision that is “Never Judge a book by its cover” (Stonehouse, 2017). Because at times we might overlook few critical things due to fancy resumes, International qualifications and impressive accents. The critical areas which every HR Professional should consider, before taking candidate’s on-board is Employee background screening.

If you are HR professional, and you reading this article then I can assure that more than 50% of the HR professional must be thinking that is it worth investing additional time and money in pre-employment background screening service? THINK AGAIN! Let me tell you the key benefits that you can gain from conducting pre-employment background screening services:

  1. Keeps you out from legal issues

Let’s suppose, one of your employee commits fraud in your company and after investigations you came to know that he did same with his previous employers. At this point you will regret conducting his background check, if you would have conducted his employment check and criminal check then you haven’t hired him in the first place.

  1. Ensures credibility in performing sensitive tasks

In addition to legal issues, some background checks can verify candidate’s creditability in performing their on-job duties. For instance, candidate is being hired for accounts department where petty cash and company’s account handling are his main responsibilities; and while conducting his employment check company came across that his employment has concluded due to mishandling of accounts.

  1. Keeps Employees and clients safe

Conducting Background checks can also convey a message throughout the company’s stakeholders especially its clients that all employees hired in the company have gone through rigorous checking. Therefore, the data shared by the clients is in safe hands thus increasing overall integrity of the company and its staff.

  1. Verifies Education & Certification

Increasing number of fake degrees have amplified the importance of pre-employment check of educations. Therefore, all degrees and certificates of applicant under consideration are verified. Outcomes of such verification is not only about the checking honesty of applicant but also to verify the legal status of these degrees and their issuing authorities.

  1. Gives overall picture of applicant

Apart from the interviews, pre-employment background checks can help the interviewer to make their hiring decision accordingly. Like for instance, candidate have successfully cleared the interview process, but in his employment check, company came across that he had resigned from the services after he was accused of sexual harassment by his female colleagues. Irrespective of the fact, how competent a candidate is for the vacancy such red flags regarding candidate’s behavior can completely change the hiring decision and safeguard company from future issues.

It is indeed worth spending extra time and money on pre-employment background screening. Because making a wrong hiring decision can not only increase recruitment cost and time but may also incur the cost of damage that employee has given to the company whether in form of litigations or damaging the goodwill of the company.

So, if your company is not conducting Background screening! Think AgainBecause being HR person you might be creating liability for the company by making wrong hiring decision. It’s never too late to correct your actions, so contact companies providing employment background screening services. As it is rightly said and I quote, BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY (Bateson, 2008).

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