Fighting corruption in Mexico: Government is part of the problem


While many countries and their leaders are making strides against fraud and corruption, some national governments can’t seem to get out of their own way. Such appears to be the case right now in Mexico, where the Mexican government is accused of blocking its own anti-corruption initiatives that were launched earlier this year.

According to an article in The New York Times, “Mexico’s Government Is Blocking Its Own Anti-Corruption Drive, Commissioners Say,” members of a commission put in charge of the anti-corruption effort allege that their efforts to investigate various scandals are being thwarted by the government. As the article reports:

Marred by scandals that have embroiled his administration, his allies and even his own family, Mr. Peña Nieto agreed to the creation of a broad anti-corruption system last year that was enshrined in the Constitution, a watershed moment in Mexico.

But after nine months of pushing to examine the kind of corruption that ignited public outrage and brought the new watchdog into existence, some of its most prominent members say they have been stymied every step of the way, unable to make the most basic headway.

At least one of the commissioners quoted in the article is entirely frank as to why they think the government is throwing up road blocks. And it’s more insidious than run-of-the-mill bureaucratic stalling.

“They are panicked that maybe we will go too hard and unravel something, find individuals responsible for corrupt acts,” José Octavio López said. He worked in the administration the last time Mr. Peña Nieto’s party held the presidency, in the 1990s, and is now part of the new National Anti-Corruption System.

“They are used to appointing someone they control,” Mr. López said of the government. But when officials learned that he and others on the new commission wanted to act with impartial independence, he added, “they didn’t like that.”

The fact is that corruption ranks among the worst problems around the world, affecting business, governments, economies and populations. Despite Mexico’s current problems, countries in all corners of the globe are enacting more stringent laws and regulations to try and stem the tide of criminal behavior and financial loss.

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