Certifications: Key Reasons CRI Group Stands Above the Crowd

CRI Group has always placed the highest priority on expert training and certification, ensuring that its team members provide the highest level of knowledge and service to clients who can rest easy knowing all of their security needs are covered.

That’s why CRI Group achieves critical certifications from the British Standards Institute (BSI), the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the National Association of Background Screeners (NAPBS), and other preeminent groups in the security and anti-fraud field.

CRI Group President and CEO Zafar I. Anjum, CFE, noted that his firm prides itself on providing the highest level of professional security checks, investigative services, information security, background screening, compliance, due diligence and other crucial services for clients all around the globe. “We are pleased to have our expertise in these areas recognized by BSI, and we will continue to strive to provide the top level of service for businesses to help them prevent and detect fraud,” Anjum said.

Founded in 1901, BSI is the UK national standards body that works with thousands of organizations in more than 150 countries. BSI is accredited by 20 local and international bodies. CRI Group currently holds four distinguished certifications from the organization.

“Our continued engagement with BSI will help us keep our clients’ information safe and ensure that the processes and procedures we implement for them are efficient and effective,” Zafar Anjum said.

The following are some of CRI Group’s most important certifications, with a short description of each:

BS 102000:2013, Code of Practice for the Provision of Investigative Services: CRI Group is the only investigative research firm in the Middle East to receive certification BS 102000:2013. For clients, this means that CRI Group demonstrates the highest level of expertise in:

  • Conducting fraud risk assessments
  • Investigations including fraud, intellectual property (IP), due diligence and background screening
  • Forensic accounting
  • Searching for information and preserving evidence
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Management of information
  • Debt collections

All of the above functions are among CRI Group’s core competency in safeguarding businesses worldwide from fraud and corruption, and providing due diligence, pre- and post-employment background screening, risk management, compliance and other professional services.

BS 7858:2012, Security Screening of Individuals Employed in a Security Environment: Once again, CRI Group is the only investigative research firm in the Middle East to hold this certification. BS 7858:2012 recognizes CRI Group’s expertise in conducting the following screening services for organizations:

  • Identity checks
  • Financial checks
  • Employment checks
  • Criminal records checks

The certification also denotes CRI Group’s ability to conduct employment background screening of security personnel seeking affiliations with security companies. 

ISO 27001:2013, Information Security Management System: Certifies CRI Group for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an Information Security Management System. This ensures that CRI Group is expertly suited to:

  • Help identify risks to information and put in place measures to manage or reduce them, and implement procedures to enable prompt detection of information security breaches
  • Give you a framework which helps you to manage your legal and regulatory requirements, and help you review and communicate your regulatory requirements to other interested parties
  • Assess risks to information security so you can identify potential weaknesses and respond
  • Implement controls that are proportionate to the risks
  • Continually evaluate risks to your information security and make sure the controls you put in place are appropriate

ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System: Recognizes CRI Group’s quality management systems and processes based on several quality management principles, including the ability to:

  • Identify risks and put controls in place to manage or reduce them
  • Ensure all regulatory requirements are met for your service or product
  • Adapt controls to all or selected areas of your business
  • Gain stakeholder and customer trust that their data is protected
  • Demonstrate compliance and gain status as preferred supplier
  • Meet more tender expectations by demonstrating compliance

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE): Administered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the world’s largest anti-fraud organization, the CFE credential is accepted worldwide as the standard of excellence in the anti-fraud profession. Zafar Anjum, himself a CFE, makes earning and maintaining the credential a high priority among CRI Group staff. CFEs have certified expertise in:

  • Fraud prevention, detection and deterrence
  • The ability to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence of fraud and fraud risk
  • Helping protect the global economy by uncovering fraud and implementing processes to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place.
  • Impacting the bottom line – research indicates that organizations with CFEs on staff uncover fraud 50 percent sooner and experience fraud losses that are 62 percent smaller than organizations that do not have CFEs on staff 

Research Provider, National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS): CRI Group background screening agents show mastery of the “methods for conducting research per the NAPBS Provider Guidelines,” which exist to promote ethical business practices, compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), equal employment opportunity and state and international consumer protection laws relating to the background screening profession.

Under its EmploySmart program, CRI Group’s professional background screening services provide clients with expert pre- and post-employment screening, employee due diligence investigations, and vendor and third-party screening. Anjum said that CRI Group’s NAPBS certification is an important mark of distinction for the company’s work in this field.

“Background screening professionals must be on the cutting edge of industry technology and resources – while also staying educated on the changing laws and regulations that govern the field,” Anjum said. “At CRI Group, we are proud to provide the most extensive and thorough background screening services as part of our EmploySmart program.”