Happening now: CRI Group at SHRM17 in New Orleans

The SHRM17 Annual Conference & Exposition kicked off yesterday in New Orleans, and CRI Group is proud to be participating as an exhibitor and telling top human resource managers about EmploySmart.

SHRM is the Society for Human Resource Management, and their world-renowned annual conference is a must-attend event for HR managers and specialists. Those professionals, by the way, are in a unique position when it comes to helping their organizations prevent fraud.

By conducting thorough background screening for new hires, for example, HR can help keep fraudsters out of a company before they can do damage from within.

At SHRM17, CRI Group's agents are meeting with attendees to tell them all about EmploySmart, our pre-employment background screening process.

EmploySmart analyzes a job candidate’s claims and credentials, and can complement HR efforts with a “boots on the ground” approach to extensive background checking. With EmploySmart, CRI Group examines all of the details provided by a potential employee including their identity, criminal background, education credentials, job history, employment references, and financial and credit checks (as permitted by law); among many other details.

If you are attending SHRM17 (which runs through Wednesday, June 21), please come by and visit with us in the exposition. CRI Group would love to talk about your goals and challenges in helping your company stay better protected from fraud and corruption.

Every successful business owner knows that your greatest resources are your employees. Make sure they are who they say they are, and that you only hire the best.

Are you ready to EmploySmart?