CRI Certification helps create a zero-tolerance approach to fraud


Smart business leaders know that “Tone at the Top” is a critical factor in the culture of an organization. The behavior and attitudes exhibited by those at the top of the chain set an example for the rest of the staff to follow.

This couldn’t be more true when it comes to ethical standards. If a company is lax and tolerant toward unethical behavior, it creates a confusing message for employees and actually encourages damaging habits. When a company creates a zero tolerance environment for fraud and corruption, however, the opposite is true: employees understand that ethical behavior is the norm, and anything outside of those bounds will be punished – perhaps with the loss of their job, or even prosecution.

Creating a zero-tolerance approach to fraud doesn’t happen overnight. This is where CRI Certification comes in. When your organization enrolls in ISO 37001:2016 training and certification, the program involves your entire team. The training helps establish an ethical culture by educating your employees on the following:

  • What constitutes fraud, corruption, and bribery, and why these are so damaging to business

  • How to identify red flags of fraud, corruption and bribery

  • The process for reporting fraudulent and unethical acts

  • The organization’s zero-tolerance attitude toward unethical behavior and willingness to terminate employees for breaches, and prosecute unethical acts

  • The serious ramifications for committing fraud or bribery, the legal consequences, and the negative impact on one’s career

Employees shouldn’t be expected to follow a code of conduct that they aren’t aware exists. That’s why ISO 37001:2016 creates a communication plan through which organization leaders regularly communicate their expectations of ethical behavior to staff on a regular basis.

The anti-fraud and anti-corruption controls established by ISO 37001:2016 also apply to personnel at all levels of the organization. When employees see that higher level executives are subject to the same ethical standards as the individual at the lowest level of the flow chart, they understand that the organization is serious about its commitment to having and ethical workplace free of fraud, corruption and bribery. That’s Tone at the Top.

Set the tone in your workplace today. Sign your company up for CRI Certification’s ISO 37001:2016 training and certification, and create the zero-tolerance atmosphere toward fraud, corruption and bribery that will build credibility and help your organization be ethical and successful.