This job candidate had top-notch education credentials. Too bad they were fake.

The hiring process can be an exciting time for both the candidate and the employer, especially if is due to a growing business. However, it presents a degree of risk, as well. Organizations that bring new employees into their fold and entrust them with their business, processes and assets are playing with fire if they do conduct proper due diligence first.

One of CRI Group’s clients was recently hiring for a critical management level position. After finding what appeared to be an exemplary candidate, the client engaged CRI Group’s EmploySmart services, which provide thorough pre-employment background screening. CRI Group’s agents began right away in working to confirm the applicant’s credentials.

The candidate claimed to be a holder of a university degree. But when CRI Group conducted its local education verification process, the university named by the candidate reported that the applicant’s degree was ‘fake and forged.’ That wasn’t all that ended up being fake.

The applicant also provided a reference letter, apparently signed by the university’s Deputy Controller of Examination (Dy COE) — apparently confirming his education record and asking to re-check his record with the university.

However, further investigations showed that the reference letter was also fake, and the signatory was not, nor had ever been, the Dy COE of the university. Another fake and forged degree was revealed when CRI Group investigated the applicant’s BBA — as there was no conferment of said degree.

In short, there was nothing legitimate about the candidate’s education background, nor, as such, his candidacy. The client declined to offer him the position, and dodged a very real bullet by not hiring someone who was unqualified and untrustworthy.

At CRI Group, our EmploySmart pre-employment background screening process analyzes a job candidate’s claims and credentials, and digs beyond the surface to make sure the facts match up. Our experts conduct extensive checks that examine all of the following details of a potential employee:

  • Verification of address
  • Verify name and date-of-birth
  • National ID number
  • Credit checks
  • Previous employment verification
  • Credentials verification
  • Bankruptcy checks
  • Civil litigation checks
  • Criminal history
  • Record checks
  • Professional qualifications and memberships
  • Criminal background checks
  • … and more.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your business, assets, investments and reputation. Whenever you are hiring new employees, use CRI Group’s EmploySmart pre- and post-employment background screening. Our investigative due diligence is second to none in the industry, and we will uncover those facts that potential new hires might not want you to know. Learn more about EmploySmart today.