Finding opportunities of potential weaknesses with investigative research


In business, having the critical information you need can mean the difference between success and failure. When it comes to investigative research, trained experts can uncover facts that help you make the right decisions; and, conversely, save your organisation from making costly mistakes.

CRI Group has trained investigators positioned around the world who can help provide a range of investigative research services. When used as a tool of effective due diligence, investigative research can provide an immediate advantage and be a proven benefit for an organisation in any industry. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the ways investigative research can help uncover previously unknown weaknesses.

Finding fraud

Any organisaton is susceptible to fraud. To make matters worse, corporate fraud is often a complex crime, requiring a high degree of investigative expertise to ensure that evidence is gathered and handled correctly, interviews are conducted effectively and laws are carefully followed in the course of the investigation.

CRI Group has conducted financial investigations for companies worldwide to uncover a variety of criminal activity, including:

  • Corporate and accounting fraud
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Data manipulation or data theft
  • Internal & external corruption
  • Embezzlement
  • Kickback schemes
  • Expense manipulation
  • Procurement fraud
  • Third-party fraud
  • IP Infringement
  • Insurance fraud

The worst type of fraud scheme is the one you don’t know about. Statistics say that a typical fraud lasts as long as 18 months before it is discovered. With proper investigative research, you can uncover fraud sooner – and hopefully prevent the next one from taking place.

Discovering IP Theft

Intellectual property (IP) theft is a serious threat to any organisation. Unfortunately, trying to counteract it can be a slow and expensive process. Using proper investigative research by an expert provider like CRI Group can help uncover cases of IP theft and help you begin the process of securing your property.

Did you know how many types of IP theft are out there? Through IP infringement investigations, our experts have helped uncover the following:

  • Trade secret breaches
  • Data breaches & IP leaks
  • Patent investigations
  • Theft of proprietary customer data
  • Copyright abuse
  • Unauthorised use of trademarks
  • Counterfeit & pirated products
  • Threats to brand integrity & reputation
  • Brand imitation & product copying

In today’s high-tech world, your organisation can’t afford not to protect its IP assets.

Uncovering conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest can cause serious harm and weaken your organisation. They can impact your bottom line – when an executive awards business to a colleague or friend at higher prices, or partners with an unethical or disreputable third-party, as examples. Investigative research provides extensive due diligence, looking deep into partnerships and vendors to uncover any potential conflicts of interest.

Some of the scenarios CRI Group’s experts have discovered:

  • Criminal conduct and background issues
  • Hidden assets
  • Shell companies
  • Unethical partnerships
  • Bid-rigging
  • Hidden financial interests among executives or management

Investigative research is critical in helping your organisation stay on top of any issues before they spiral out of control. And as an effective tool for risk management, it helps you put preventative measures in place for the future.

In business, the more you know the facts, the better positioned you will be. Contact CRI Group to learn more about how investigative research can help your organisation today.